Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Violets first blog

For a long time my dog Sadie has been cuddling with an orange bear.

Then all this sudden Scout my other dog started sleeping with Daisy's old stuffed pitbull dog.

Daisy all the time starts talking in a baby voice about how the pitbull is so Scout's baby and how cute Scout is all the time. When Daisy starts talking in baby voice I, Violet, start screaming my head off shouting STOP STOP! MAKE HER STOP MOM! Then Mama starts shouting at me. I HATE IT! I usually run to my room and slam the door! Then everything is a little while I come out of my room and apologize to Daisy and Mama. Then i am in a happy mood and Daisy gets upset! But at some point everyone calms down and makes each other laugh...

Everyone's fine after that. The next day I, Violet, i get up really early early and make myself breakfast and then usually play Minecraft my favorite game. When Mama wakes up all devices go down...that's when the drama starts. Mama  asks me to clean sometimes then when daisy wakes up that's when everything gets worse. Mama sometimes wants to go out for breakfast but me and Daisy rather just stay home and eat a breakfast sandwich. Mama tries to convince me and Daisy to go out for breakfast but we just complain if she makes us get into the car. We hate getting into a car in the morning. Once we have breakfast everyone is least for an hour. After we get back if we clean I complain. I say I JUST WANT TO REST!!!!!!!!!!! On Saturday nights we watch TV and play video games. Then i fall asleep. Daisy and Mama stay up late watching shows. Everything's silent in the house.

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