Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Violets first blog

For a long time my dog Sadie has been cuddling with an orange bear.

Then all this sudden Scout my other dog started sleeping with Daisy's old stuffed pitbull dog.

Daisy all the time starts talking in a baby voice about how the pitbull is so Scout's baby and how cute Scout is all the time. When Daisy starts talking in baby voice I, Violet, start screaming my head off shouting STOP STOP! MAKE HER STOP MOM! Then Mama starts shouting at me. I HATE IT! I usually run to my room and slam the door! Then everything is a little while I come out of my room and apologize to Daisy and Mama. Then i am in a happy mood and Daisy gets upset! But at some point everyone calms down and makes each other laugh...

Everyone's fine after that. The next day I, Violet, i get up really early early and make myself breakfast and then usually play Minecraft my favorite game. When Mama wakes up all devices go down...that's when the drama starts. Mama  asks me to clean sometimes then when daisy wakes up that's when everything gets worse. Mama sometimes wants to go out for breakfast but me and Daisy rather just stay home and eat a breakfast sandwich. Mama tries to convince me and Daisy to go out for breakfast but we just complain if she makes us get into the car. We hate getting into a car in the morning. Once we have breakfast everyone is least for an hour. After we get back if we clean I complain. I say I JUST WANT TO REST!!!!!!!!!!! On Saturday nights we watch TV and play video games. Then i fall asleep. Daisy and Mama stay up late watching shows. Everything's silent in the house.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

A Lot Like Christmas

With Christmas 2014 a mere two days away, the kids and I have not been totally jolly. Things have been feeling serious with their dad confronting personal issues.

And me being distracted with trying to establish my side business.

I turned 44 earlier this month. That seems pretty serious too. Think fast because that's not early 40s anymore; there's stuff to figure out.

Having a winter break from my day job has resulted in three days of running errands and cleaning, including a mortifying experience with my fridge. I knew it was time to throw out that turkey carcass I was just about to make into a soup three weeks ago, but I had no idea I was stocking October meats and cheeses.

When I saw my kids turn to their devices this morning in front of the sunlight streaming through the windows, I announced we were going to the beach. Before stopping by the computer repair shop, making an exchange at the mall, and getting the car washed -- we were taking the dogs to the beach to find sand and shells to pour into the clear glass ornaments we bought for $1 a box at Goodwill last week. And by the way, we haven't done our charitable act yet this year, so add that to the list. The kids groaned and complained about another day of Things To Do, while I worked for a few more hours, allowing the stress to build up nicely.

By the time we got to the beach, I was totally annoyed with my freaking kids. To their credit, they did help me with chores yesterday, but they've been such complainers. I've been trying to open their minds to the fact that despite our personal troubles, which everyone has, we have food, shelter and people who help us, with love, which everyone doesn't have. But I understand they have feelings they don't know how to articulate, also known as complaining to mama about everything except what's really bothering them.

As soon as our feet touched sand, the kids went happy. It took me a little longer. The kids cheered me up by enthusiastically gathering bits of broken shell and scooping sand. We soon realized the sand was damp from days of rain and we would practically need tweezers to collect shells small enough to fit through the openings of the glass ornaments.

New plan. The kids would pick up trash on the beach for their approximate act of charity - let's call it a good deed - with the agreement that we are making a food donation by Christmas. Forget most of our errands today.

We were all a little overwhelmed after our last mall experience.

This was a better place to lighten our spirits.

And by the way, the thing I probably like least about having a kid in middle school is hearing YOLO! a billion times a day. I tried to tell Daisy it was tired, but she was adamant: "You're wrong, Mom! OK? YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT!"

Yeah, OK.

Violet, still safely in elementary school, vows never to say YOLO. Instead, she prefers JELLO. We decided it's code in our family for "Mellow ~ you're acting like a jerk."

We did stop at Target on the way home, which set off another round of complaints - maybe more of a half-round when Violet caught herself. We had several discussions today about why we've been upset with each other and the need for us to communicate in a more positive way when we're stressed. My takeaway was less cussing and calling names such as "you're acting like a brat," Violet's was less complaining and having fits when she doesn't get her way, and Daisy's was less obsessing over her phone and no sharing pictures of family without permission.

It wasn't until later that I realized it's actually Festivus today. It really did feel good to air our grievances and avoid the mall.

 Clearing the emotional air seemed more festive than decorating, which is why my tree looks like this now.

Still, there is peace under this roof tonight. If you have a loose definition of what peace sounds like.