Sunday, October 19, 2014

i 11

Daisy turned 11 this weekend. This is apparently the birthday when you just hand over the iPhone. Her father and I worked hard to make her think she wasn't getting The Only Thing She Wanted. Then she asked for Just One Other Thing -- an iguana. Well played. She knows she is not allowed to get a 30-year pet under any circumstances, even at dad's.

Shortly after getting the phone, Daisy called out, "Violet! Come here and do a s%@#$ with me!!!"  (Please don't make me use the s-word.)  Violet's good sport smile had slipped as she watched Daisy change her wallpaper 20 times in 5 minutes, but she still cooperated, with forced smile and eyes glaring at the shiny trophy in her older sister's hand. When Daisy looked for that perfect sister s%@#$ to use as her next wallpaper, she wondered out loud, "Violet, why do you look so angry in all your pics?" They tried a few more times, until Daisy decided to use a picture of a unicorn vomiting rainbows instead.

And, by the way, my kids have got their grabbing skills down. Having a quick grab is really going to serve them well whenever they're too impatient to wait for other people to respond.

The plan for Daisy's slumber party took us on a giant lap through the neighborhood - movie, taqueria, swim, sundaes, and staring at screens of all kinds until the early morning. I had given Daisy the option for me to drop her off at a movie with her friends. She declined. I offered to sit away from her and her friends in the theater, and she couldn't quite say it, except for "actually . . . " . I realize that at some point in the not-so-distant future, I won't be allowed in the building, maybe not even on the block. But, this birthday, I got to sit with the cool kids.

And guess what other lucky thing happened? We made friends with a new kitty just after night swim. That was one lucky kitty. Definite highlight before we got back to our screens.

The morning after breakfast was gluten-free pumpkin pancakes with bacon. My daughter's friend offered to cook the pancakes, which she did to perfection, golden brown and slightly crunchy around the edges. Unfortunately, she burned her finger so I took over. The feedback was my pancakes were raw in the middle, so I put them back on for a minute. I noticed no one finished their breakfast before that tattle Violet told me the girls didn't like my pancakes because they were still raw even the second time I served them. So I marched right into the kitchen and burned the hell out of the rest of the batter. Dang it. Those first ones were really good though.

Happy 11.

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  1. I can cook a lot of things, but pancakes is not one of them.