Tuesday, July 1, 2014


How is June over? It was the first day of June and the kids and I were rocking out at Music Fest, and then it's July. Before another month drops away, stop. dniweR.

Let's start with yesterday. As I rolled away from work, I noticed the Service Past Due 328 miles ago message on my dashboard that I've been noticing for about 300 miles. Remembering the 4th of July road trip to Bindy's on Thursday, I made the car appointment with the unexpected now timeslot, picked up the kids, picked up the dogs, dropped off the dogs, and dropped off the car. Somewhere along the way, Daisy spoke nervously about wanting to look for clip-on earrings. Many of her friends have pierced ears and she talks about it INCESSANTLY, but she's terrified of anything shot-esque.

Riding on the crest of getting things done, I announced we were walking to the mall while our car was in the shop. Daisy, if you talk about it this much, let's get it over now before you have time to go over it one more time in your mind. In typical little sister mode, Violet countered that it wasn't fair: ALL her friends had their ears . . . I stopped her before she got to pierced. Then get your ears pierced too. Done and done.

As I suspected, Violet was in before she took it back, in again, and out fo sho, all as Daisy solemnly faced the ear piercer. I wasn't entirely sure Daisy would get through it either, with visions of her in the not so distant past trying to kick and hit her way out of shots in true streetfighter fashion.

But there I go again getting stuck on a moment. This Daisy will face her fear of shots in the name of style.

I consoled Violet: your time to be brave for earrings will come. No rushing necessary.

June to be continued . . .

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