Thursday, May 15, 2014

Queens of May

I can't remember where I read: mothers are the queens of May.

It stuck in my mind. Maybe a little dramatic but I like the idea of having an extended amount of time to celebrate the moms, mostly because I haven't celebrated my own mother yet this year . . . my mother who is working well into her sixties as she and my father continue to subsidize the life I can provide my children. Really, I'm sure she's fine.

My kids celebrated with me on Sunday. It was all day long. With these two.

We knew early on where we were going to Mother's Day brunch - this place in the woods we've recently discovered that I'm not even going to name because the service is slow and even slower if you're not a mountain local. No need to risk jamming up the service with my recommendations.

The kids were eager to sit on the restaurant deck in the sunshine for brunch on Sunday.

It was relaxing as we watched hummingbirds and red dragonflies buzz pass us as we waited . . . and waited . . . and waited . . . until the kids were sinking into their chairs from hunger weakness, begging me for food. Later, the waiter generously brought me "a bloody" on the house to make up for the slow service after he eyed my children gulping their pancakes, bacon, and sausage omelet down whole.

Speaking of bacon, let's talk about Bindy. Do you know she wakes up early every morning to make bacon or other breakfast protein for her whole family? Her family includes her husband, teenaged daughter, second grader, and father in his 80s. Every morning she gets up, goes on a run, and puts the bacon on before getting the kids to school and herself to work. And everyone in her family has come to expect that she has the bacon handled in the morning - her father stockpiling several packages in their fridge. Bindy approaches her family's bacon needs cheerfully; and sometimes she makes scrambled eggs. I'm not worthy.

My girls and I seem to be falling into a daily rhythm with my new sustainable work schedule. I get the lunches made the night before, and breakfast is often yogurt and hot cocoa. Still, after hanging with Bindy last month, I was fascinated with the idea of serving up crispy hot bacon in the morning, though my daughters openly doubted my ability to do so. Therefore, I bought a nitrate-free package at TJ's.

Naturally, I forgot it ever happened. When I brought home the second nitrate-free package of bacon, I realized I was stockpiling bacon, just like Bindy's dad . . . EXCEPT I'M MISSING BINDY TO FRY IT UP. I'm happy to report my kids have been receiving once-a-week bacon for almost a month now. That's probably all I got; I'm no Bindy.

Anyway, back to Mother's Day 2014. After our brunch of endurance was over, I took the kids to . . . our local carwash! First time!! Woohoo!!!

It was actually a really fun carwash, mostly because of the gift store inside. There were peace signs and stars made of driftwood and quality toys and all kinds of stuff. I let my kids have cokes while we waited for our car on a bench in the shade. I don't like them to have the sugar but at least Daisy accidentally spilled about half of her coke. My lord is that kid clumsy. The night before Mother's Day, she was standing next to me at her dad's house during pickup, and from a stationary position, she rolled her ankle and collapsed, injuring her foot. Those are most definitely my genes.

Happy Mother's May!

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