Saturday, April 5, 2014

Happy April

My children asked me several times on April 1st about when I would be tricking them. Didn't really feel like tricking them. Just like I didn't feel like hosting a leprechaun visit on demand a couple weeks prior. Apparently everyone else's family showered their lucky kids with gold chocolate coins and shimmery rainbows. 

I so appreciate having new time for my family with the new job. And what an eye-opening time it's been. My kids accomplish sharing by grabbing in the face of smacking. Eating is performed open-mouthed with bits of food spraying like woodchips. A few days ago I left them in the car for seconds before Violet was crying that Daisy had punched her in the arm "really really hard" and Daisy was yelling that Violet had kicked her in the face. Why?! I'm right here. We're having our family time . . . CHILL OUT!!!

When they're not doing their cavegirl things, they are making their requests. I'm not really in the frame of mind these days to hop to it whenever I hear a request. As much as I like April Fools, the only joke ideas that I thought could really trick them - no weak fake jokes for this mom - were all leading to a mess I would be cleaning up after. No thanks.

April Fool's night, I was at the park walking the dogs and saw our neighborhood ducks swimming in the rainwater that had collected in the playground that day. This one duck couple is always around and our dogs don't show interest in them so we can get pretty close.

And that's when I realized how I could trick the girls. When I returned from the park, I eagerly told the kids that our dog Scout had bit one of the ducks and I wasn't sure if our little duck buddy was OK. I was trying not to smile so I demonstrated how Scout bit down on the duck.

The girls sprinted out the door with me, running barefoot to the park in the rain. When we were getting close to one of the ducks, I proudly announced APRIL FOOLS!

The kids stopped in their tracks, whipping their heads around to stare at me with disapproval, "That is not a good joke."

But I totally got you and you wanted to be tricked!

"Mom! You don't joke about someone dying."

They're ducks . . . and they're OK!

"We were so wor-wied. Don't do that again, Mom. You not 'opposed to joke about someone getting hurt."

Oh sure, now you're civilized members of society. And yes, you're absolutely right. Let this be a lesson to you. Joking about someone getting hurt, even if it's a duck, is never funny.

My kids have been surprising me with how much they seem to be growing up in certain ways lately. Then I received this text from Tahoe, where they are with their dad this weekend:

This is Violet and me and Daisy dressed up our bears mine is the brown one and Daisy's is the white one.

And that's how it is with everyone, isn't it? Just when you think you know someone, they'll show another side.