Sunday, March 30, 2014


Spring seems to be the right time to savor the new. Like when the dueling sisters of drama greeted each other in peace on Daisy's return from 5th grade science camp. That same afternoon, Violet tried out a dance that involved sashaying across the room to kick her older sister in the shin. Still, neither girl cried or shrieked throughout the skirmish, a subtle yet promising shift.

I've traded 2+ hours of daily commute time to Silicon Valley for a local job. Here.

At seven, Violet has become a fervent Beatles fan. You can guess which Beatle is her favorite. Every day, she listens to the Beatles, tells stories about the Beatles, and asks questions about the Beatles - often simultaneously until I cry uncle. When I picked her up from school last week, she literally told me to turn off my "modern music," what most youngfolk are calling hip hop these days, because she only liked old music like the Beatles. Violet's additions to my pandora have shifted from One Direction Radio, Imagine Dragons Radio, and The Hosemobile Radio to The Beatles Radio, Imagine Radio, and Elton John Radio. 

At ten, Daisy boldly attempts to make clothes with no real sewing experience. Finding her a sewing mentor is on my list. Holding up various tools and fabric tonight, she asked me repeatedly, "Is it worth doing it this way?" Uhhhh . . . no clue. And, by the way, nice to meet you preteen who is starting middle school in the fall.

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