Sunday, February 9, 2014

Belly Shot

I so regret not making a plaster of my pregnant belly.

The possibilities are amazing.

I tried to prevent Tabitha from having the same regret but she was deaf to my concerns. Not surprising, since Tabitha's friends weren't allowed to even give her a baby shower. We did cooperate with her wishes at our gathering at Amy's this weekend. No delicious baby food tasting games or hilarious guessing the girth of the pregnant girl. It was so not a baby shower that when a few presents were brought out, Quinn turned to me, "But I thought this wasn't a baby shower."

My secret goal this weekend was to capture Tabitha's belly. She's far enough along that you can see the baby moving. And even though late pregnancy seems like it will never end when you go through it, it's really a brief bright moment in life. But Tabitha, who told me she was offended when I described her as glowy, will not have any fuss around Boy, what she wants us to call him for now.

So maybe you can understand why I was thrilled to capture this intimate moment.

Getting a chance to feel Tabitha's belly - and I don't want to brag but there might have been some under the shirt action - was equivalent in normal people's standards to getting to plaster her belly and decorate it with a symbolic montage of each stage of her pregnancy, as well as the love story that made this baby possible, while breaking into spontaneous, communal song celebrating our feelings about Boy. It was that touching.

Welcome, Boy <3

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