Monday, January 20, 2014

Hi Girls!

I'm happy to have reunited with my kids after a work tornado cut through our lives for the last few months. It's not that I haven't seen them. I knew they were there, but I couldn't always hear what they were saying.

I subscribe to the philosophy that what I don't do for my children is actually the best way to help them as it fosters their creativity and independence -- like Violet, my 7 year old, teaching herself to cook Coco Hony Cerial, a delishouse brekast desert.

Violet's developed other new skills, like flying helicopters around her sister, King Kong style.

And giving the dogs bra fittings! All I'm saying, stay-at-home moms, is do your kids know how to put a bra on a dog?

With my nose in a laptop, Daisy has been developing her talents as well, such as making jewelry.

Daisy is even teaching herself to sew using the dress form and sewing machine I gave her but don't know how to use.

And it's not like I haven't done any parenting for the last few months. Daisy announced last week that after listening to one of my calls with a client about extracurricular activities, she joined Student Council and Chess Club. She even ran for office during her first student council meeting. Three times, until she was picked for an officer role.

When I asked Daisy what inspired her, she quoted something she had heard me say to a client. I can think of no better reason to ignore my children.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Making Stories

I'm in a moment of taking things in. Processing. No stories to report.

But that's OK. When we got home this afternoon, the girls announced they were making stories.

They were so quiet, I almost asked them to get off Mindcraft before I realized they weren't dazed in front of screens.

Here is Blue Bird in Love by Daisy.

Think the ending needs some work, but otherwise, very nice!