Friday, December 6, 2013

Epically I-man

I knew that meeting my baby nephew I-man for the first time was going to be epic, but I didn't even anticipate the full epic scope of his journey to the U.S.

The first thing I noticed about I-man is his sheer baby strength. You would not believe how much wrestling is involved with taking care of this guy. He is constantly trying to arrive at a location known only as Anywhere but Here.

After it came to my daughters' and my attention that all I-man had to play with at home in Germany were "wooden blocks and glockenspiels," we knew we had to help a brother out.

We also had to show him the beach.

The trees.

Our many talents.

A raging baby social life.

The day we said goodbye to I-man was very sad. As I pulled out of my parents' garage, he gave the best baby wave I'd seen from the whole visit. Violet and I cried while Daisy frowned into the Mindcraft my departing brother got his nieces addicted to within minutes of saying hello.

That's OK. It's probably a fair trade for I-man's new Monster High doll fetish.