Sunday, September 29, 2013


I've been so good on my frugalness. I'm sure there are those who save rain water to bathe in or whatever who would laugh at what I'm calling frugal, but I have to say I'm feeling pretty badass about the changes I've made so far. It's a whole new mindset.
Like when I stopped by Safeway last week to pick up a few things and noticed a bottle of Absolut Wild Tea vodka with a bright orange 50% off sticker on my way to look for a cheap bottle of wine. I wasn't sure if it was a trick so when I was getting rung up by a senior citizen checker who can be a little slow on the register, I had to ask how much the vodka really was. He confirmed it was $7.50. The checker, the bagger, and I all got pretty excited. I was all, "That's a good deal!" and the bagger was all, "Heck yeah, it's Absolut!" and the senior checker was all, "What do you think I'm drinking in this water bottle? This job is hard!" It was a round of mental high-fives.
Being on the lookout for the occasional deal is part of my new lifestyle, the emphasis being on occasional as too many deals means not enough gas money to get to work. It's real.
Like most people, I get annoyed when I walk past Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas displays in stores in September. However, I lost a great deal of my holiday decorations to the divorce and a family of raccoons living in the carport of my last residence, and the kids are totally pumped for Halloween already.
Last week, we all put together costumes during a couple trips to Goodwill. Today, the kids were feeling Halloween big time. Daisy started sewing Scout dog's Sphinx costume, I kid you not, to match her Cleopatra, and we watched Nightmare before Christmas, so I went by my neighborhood Dollar Tree and Kmart for a few festivities. I generally avoid Dollar Tree because every time you read about a plastic or chemical children shouldn't be coming into contact with, you know you can find it in some form at your nearest dollar store. Sometimes, it's really better to spend more than a dollar. But for decorations the kids won't be ingesting or rubbing on their skin, why not?
If you don't have children, don't look at these as it will make no sense to you, but these sitting guys are only a dollar each. Of course, I only picked the cool ones. There was also a Frankenstein and Dracula I don't recommend. You know, because these are really cool.
This whole set of cut-outs was a buck. It's better than I could do.

OK this wasn't that great of a deal. It was a full $14.99 at Walgreens and I picked it up last week after payday. We just really love bats and it's sparkly. SPARKLY BATS! Are you kidding me? Everyone deserves a splurge once in a while.

 These giant spider webs are $2.99 at Kmart.

These lanterns have a very faint battery-operated light on the inside. Dollar each.

A dollar crow. I could have gone crazy on these guys.

These were the Dollar Tree Item of the Week - Halloween solar lights. And they even seem to work OK. The glow of Dollar Tree solar lights at night gives me hope.
Whoops, I almost forgot about the dollar skull ice cube tray. The ice skulls look awesome in bargain vodka.
Happy Hallowarm-up!

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