Thursday, July 4, 2013

Freedom Rings

It was our first 4th of July in our new town, which just happens to rock out hard for America a short walk from our condo. This year, it was just me and my girls in our rocking-out party of three.


I made Daisy go in the petting zoo with her younger sister and the school friend we ran into. Daisy thought she was too old, but I'll have none of that. Nine is the perfect age to pet farm animals. As I was watching my kids take their turn in the pen, this random boy stood next to me, all wiggly and excited, announcing, "There is a pig all up in he-yah!"

We walked home after the stache pic then returned for the fireworks at dusk. As we waited on a blanket on the lawn for it to get pitch dark, Violet, who really should consider a career in whatever allows her to criticize things as much as possible, made statements like "This is the worst 4th of July ever" and "I hate to say this, but I'm bored." Really? You hate to complain?

Then, Tammi Brown sang the National Anthem and I was thankful it was dark, because, yeah, still dealing with the sentimental cries. (What if it doesn't go away?!)

Violet was bored no longer and sat just in front of Daisy who leaned on me for the fireworks show with a soundtrack designed to appeal to a diverse cross-section of America-heads. There was Violet's timely assessment that they really should play Katy Perry's "Firework"  seconds before it came on. Daisy sang every word of the song while Violet oohed and aahed. And, there was the impromptu shout out from the audience during the Pledge of Allegiance recording, emphasizing the whole "equality for all" concept (thank you, Supreme Court!).

Even Violet was a fan of our 4th, especially as we walked back home through traffic gridlock, proving that mama was right in making us walk a mile uphill, then back, twice.

The kids leave for Hawaii in the early morning with their dad and his family. These videos of our 4th are little mementos of our quality time before the lucky vacation/forced separation, depending on who you talk to and when. The yearly Hawaiian vacay with the other side of the family started the year of our divorce, which has made it more of a trigger for my kids' stress than it would be normally. I have hope that there is less stress this year ~aloha!



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