Tuesday, July 2, 2013


So, my ladies were aMAZing last weekend.
That's for Tabitha who was forced into watching late night recorded Bachelorette with me. It was 2 hours of everyone saying how amazing everything was with nothing even really happening. Still, we’re not going to grow out of bad reality TV – got it, Tabitha? It’s our thing.
And it's true that I took a vacation day to hang out with a few of my best friends to do stuff like watch TV together. I was desperate for the big girl time and pummeled my friends with stories and advice and whatever else came out of my mouth as the steam shot out of my ears and eyeballs.
I certainly gave Bindy a good talking to Friday night during one of our hello-forties health talks, perhaps a preview of the long and detailed medical narratives we will scream at each other over the limits of our hearing aids someday, god willing. I shared about my Zoloft withdrawals that have almost disappeared completely, but how emotionally, I’m still a little off kilter. I can actually handle meanness more calmly right now than I can genuine kindness. Give me hope for humanity, and I fall apart.
Like that Maclamore “Same Love” song totally chokes me up. After many years of working with teenagers, I've heard more evidence of sensitivity and maturity around differences in sexual orientation and equality for all since that song became popular that it astounds me. Suddenly, kids of different belief systems and backgrounds are referencing that song like it invented civil rights yesterday. Go pop culture.
As I was telling Bin all about it, I started sobbing. Literally. There's the off-kilterness. In a world that appears so unexpectedly harsh to me these days, partially because I started reading the paper again, progress as a society is amazing. The real amazing that actually amazes when it hits the amaze censors in your brain.
Bindy’s feeling a social issue as well lately, another in her series of bumper sticker don'ts. Years back, Bindy used to become visibly angry when she came across one of those Support Our Troops bumper stickers. Actually, it wasn’t the sticker version that made her mad – it was the ribbon magnets a lot of people used to have on their cars. As she would exclaim, “If you really support our troops, why wouldn’t you put an actual sticker on your car?! How committed are you if you only use a magnet?!” You can say a lot of things about Bindy, but she’s not half-assed about bumper stickers.
This visit, she announced, “You know what I hate? When people have those little stickers representing their families. I mean, I don’t need to know who is in your family, OK?!”

Yeah, totally (gulp).


But that’s why I love my 20+ year friends. They accept however you need to act and respond with a lot of advice. No one gets offended, or actually we do, but if all else fails, we can make fun of each other until it passes.

Like when Corina’s man, who we were meeting for the second time, came to pick her up last weekend and stayed for a beer. At some point in the conversation, I suggested that instead of Corina stressing about her somewhat lame cooking skills, cook naked and boyfriend can be happy with grilled cheese. We all saw something fly out of boyfriend’s mouth when he choked on his beer, but I’m pretty sure that’s guy talk for “you know it, sister!”

Or, if not, I am sure Corina can explain she can’t really get rid of us.

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