Sunday, May 5, 2013

Epically Awesome

This was The Week of Violet's 7th Birthday, an occasion Violet herself has been literally counting down to since February, often wondering, "Does today COUNT, Mom? Does it include with the days?" Despite the frequent reminders, the invites for Saturday’s pottery painting party went out Wednesday. But first, there was Violet's actual birthday, a school day.

I was excited to be able to take Violet's birthday off work and had asked her what treat she wanted me to bring to her classroom. Her claim was everyone's doing donuts this year and the kids love Capri Suns because of what they can do with the foilpacks before they throw them away, basically the wrong choice for multiple reasons. I was on it.

I called in the donut order but when I got to my local Ferrell's, it was closed. It remains a mystery as to who took my phone order for three dozen donuts last Thursday afternoon. Maintaining my cool, I ran to the neighboring auto repair shop to confront a waiting room full of people, "Is this the only donut shop in the area? WHERE IS THE CLOSEST DONUT SHOP?!"

Wait, don't answer that, slow-answering random guy in the auto repair waiting room; I remembered and was off. About 15 minutes before the time Violet’s teacher had asked me to arrive to the classroom, I was sweating, in a line of cars, a block from the donut shop. Zipping around traffic in the bike lane, I pulled into the parking lot, realizing a Capri Sun stop was officially out of the question. The lady inside loaded me up with 36 donuts, 18 milks, and 10 apple juices.

Lucky for me, I didn’t miss a moment of Violet’s school birthday, which involved singing happy birthday the regular way, the rowdy way, and whatever way the birthday girl wanted. There was also the ritual monkey spanking. And about 30 kids fighting over 10 apple juices.

After school, on the walk back to the car with my kids, I felt an inner glow from the successful donut delivery, school celebration, and knowledge that my daughter’s presents were wrapped in cute paper, waiting at home next to an actual birthday card, already signed. In the thick of the afternoon heat and post-donut haze, Violet interrupted my feel-good revelry, “Mom! This is just like a reguwar day. It’s not even special!” Right. Maybe she changed her mind later after the presents and steak dinner her dad took us out to that night. Hard to tell.

Saturday morning was go time again. Of course, I was running late to meet the kids and their dad after picking up bagels and dealing with last minute ice cream cake, but it was all good.

I surprised Violet with an afterparty playdate with our good friends, sisters BFF and Wowo. It was our first hosted playdate since moving to the condo last fall.

The first order of playdateness was to go swimming at the condo pool and my kid companions cleared out about three quick-to-be-annoyed families from the pool area with their loudness and cannonball splashes. After having a talk with Daisy about verbally harassing boys in the pool, I decided to show the girls what other fun things could be done in a pool besides annoying people. I generously demonstrated some of my rad childhood pool tricks, such as tandem underwater somersaults - Violet was my helpful assistant. The rest of the kids didn’t say much except, “Awkward,” but at least the boys at large could swim in peace.

On an after-swimming high, we extended our playdate into a slumber party.

The girls and I walked to our favorite local taco shop, stopping at Goodwill to become “shopper girls,” as BFF declared. Our shopping trip was so successful that we ended up walking our stuff home, me wrestling with a piece of furniture, before returning on our journey to what we thought was going to be a simple dinner. None of us knew what was waiting for us there.

At the end of my impromptu Cinco de Mayo celebration with four kids, Daisy asked to try the dunking machine. I said NO. I knew exactly what would happen – it would all seem hilarious, until they were wet, and then they would all meltdown and I would be walking four very crabby and uncomfortable girls home.

And that’s pretty much what happened except when we walked through the park on the way home, which was crowded, Daisy decided to proclaim her victory, arms shoved upwards in a V, “I DID IT, PEOPLE. I DID THE DUNK MACHINE AT SALSA’S! THERE IS A DUNK MACHINE AT SALSA’S, PEEPS, AND I DID IT!” As people turned around to give us the once over, I pleaded with Daisy to stop yelling at strangers. All four kids took that as their cue to run off and roll in the playground sand, without any apparent care of what happens when you mix wet clothes with sand.

More luck. Found princess piñata at the playground. Does a slumber party get any better? I don’t think so and neither did the kids, “This slumber party is epically awesome, Mom!”

Though no worries about me getting a big head or anything because every other word that came out of those kids' mouths was either epic or awesome. Still, we had a good time.

The feedback wasn’t as positive around midnight, when the kids crashed. Violet sobbed in her bed, “No more slumber parties, Mom! Not ever. Not even at Dad’s!!!” It wouldn’t be a slumber party if you didn't hate it by morning.

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