Sunday, March 24, 2013

Most Fun Earth Hour We've Had

That's what Daisy said this evening, about 45 minutes in: this is the most fun Earth Hour we've had. I had to give her a firm high-five.

Because we've had some good ones, but maybe I'm a little chapped after receiving this Earth Hour non-message from Bindy herself:

Quinn and I were laughing last night about your earth day.  We remember the 20 made-in-china candles, burning black toxic smoke against your mirror in the living room. 

Really, what earth day, Bindy? If you can't remember the name, why do you remember black smoke that didn't happen? What the hell kind of memory is that?

Know what else? Quinn left a message for me about Earth Hour. She didn't pick up when I called her right back, but she called. 

Earth Hour 2013: Monopoly Junior Party in candlelight, talking about the earth, and dancing to Marvin Gaye.

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