Saturday, March 16, 2013

Earth Hour 2013 (NOT) Tonight!

You might ask - what is Earth Hour?

Oh I don't know . . . only the raddest hour of the year with the least amount of hype. If you're not my friend. Because my friends are the lucky recipients of much Earth Hour enthusiasm.



2012 (doh)


OK, so I forgot to invite Bindy this year, and I really miss my ladies. Fortunately, I sent out guidelines:

Earth Hour is 8:30pm this Saturday (almost now). *false alarm* it's 3/23!

Make sure to turn all electronics/lights/everything but your phone off for one hour.
Light some candles. Who wants to facetime?
Check here for more info.

Join us!

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  1. So sorry for spreading Earth Hour misinformation. However, it's really good news to have another week of Earth Hour preparation. More soon!