Thursday, October 25, 2012

Nephew Coming!

My middle bro and Mathilda are expecting a baby boy in January! I am thrilled for them and better get my passport because he's going to be born in Germany. I don't know how to explain this to someone who hasn't had a child bust out of their private parts and keep you awake for four years straight; it's certainly not something I plan to repeat, but, like mothers everywhere, I struggle with an addiction to babies. When I see one I don't even know, I want to hold it and smell it and squeeze it. Mathilda will understand soon, but for now, she's probably glad I'm safely on the other side of the planet from her . . . don't worry, baby nephew, I'm getting my passport soon! Get ready for lots of squeezing!

When I first heard the big news from my brother, I had a few questions . . .

how do you say aunt in german?
when is the baby due?
how is mathilda feeling?
how are you feeling?
start documenting now. EVERYTHING. maybe you need a blog!
when can i talk to mathilda???
bro, maybe twitter is more suited to you. maybe it's time to start twittering.
have we started talking names yet?
how does delivering babies even work over there?
wait, i just reread your orig email. you just took the [pregnancy] test. please disregard my previous emails. i'm gonna calm down.
update me.
Mathilda's from Germany originally but lived in the states since high school and has recently returned to Germany with my brother. As usual, Mathilda has been patient with me, answering my thoughtful questions . . .

you asked what the giving birth process is in germany. i am told that when the time comes, the woman go in the woods, where no one can hear their labor screams. there, they hold on to a tree trunk and start pressing. ;) i have no idea how different it is here. i've watched episodes of teen mom both on mtv and german tv and it looks pretty much the same. i think. i hope the doctor can tell me things i need to know. maybe a book too. a midwife? maybe a pregnant meet-up group?

Pregnant meet-up group. Oh, to be hip and pregnant.

Isn't Mathilda beautiful?

Good luck, guys!!!

And that's not even all the good news I have to share. More to come . . .


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