Sunday, October 21, 2012

Celebration of 9!

There are numerous happy occasions this fall but no time for celebrating. So, like any mother with her finger on the pulse of 2012, I will celebrate with a nice, long blog post.

Actually, there was celebrating yesterday. After Daisy turned 9 on Thursday and I didn't get to see or talk to her because of our conflicting schedules, I took a day off to make up at Great America.

We had a shaky start. We were running late - I drove the six year olds and the ex drove the nines - and on the way, another driver obnoxiously rode my bumper; when I was finally able to get out of her lane, I yelled FUCK YOU! through the closed window, giving her the finger, until I spotted four round saucers in the rear view mirror. Violet was appalled, blushing, "Mom! What are you doing?" and after her best friend got over the shock, Wowo said sweetly, "My daddy almost said a bad word once." Uh oh.

When we arrived, the four girls were only interested in baby rides. The ex and I passed the kids back and forth like hot potatoes while Daisy and Violet, bubbling over with unrealistic expectations and overwhelm, had alternating meltdowns. I wondered why I thought it was a good idea to take the day off work to make my kids miserable.

Then, Violet decided she would go on the log ride because her older sister chickened out.

She liked it! Violet liked it! To be shown up by your little sister on your birthday is not happening and soon all the girls were addicted to the log ride, until we were all shivering in soaking wet shoes in the breezy October sun. I was so happy - finally, we're having some real fun around here.

Oh and fourth grade in our town is apparently when kids enter their Bob Marley phase. Dasiy is suddenly wearing reggae t-shirts and lecturing me about Bob. She turned to me at the park , "Why did they make Bob into a banana?" as if they should have asked her first. I started to say that I didn't think that was supposed to be him but why bother; I'm pretty sure she has lost the ability to hear me speaking about anything she thinks is cool. I'll check her on the other side, in another decade or so.

There is more to celebrate . . . to be continued . . .


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