Monday, September 17, 2012

Pass It On, Kids, Pass It On

I always knew it was going to happen. One day after school, Violet would turn to me and say that some dumb kid had called her Violet Booby, except Violet's real name rhymes with booby so it makes a lot more sense in real life.

I've probably never forgiven myself for making that fat-assed English boy cry back in 5th grade. Just kidding, I can't remember his physique. But I did remember the clever little rhyme my father had gotten in trouble for during his own childhood when I received one of those "Do you like me? Check the Yes or No Box" notes from Nick.

Um, I don't like to be boxed in like that, and by the way, we're ten; let me share a little something I learned from my dad, "Nick is a nut with a big fat butt."

I did feel guilty when I saw those big fat tears running down Nick's face in class. And it was even worse when he went home early for the day and his big sister confronted me in the hallway. It's not that she was scary - English people can seem really polite when they're angry. I just felt really, really bad; the mean girl life didn't suit me.  So now, when dumb kids make insensitive comments to my kids, I remember we're all a bunch of dumb kids at heart - and there's no defense like humor.

Tonight at dinner, Violet was sharing how her best friend Wowo told her that she had overheard The Boys from their first grade class making fun of Violet's first name and Violet's last name. I asked Violet if booby had anything to do with it. She nodded solemnly.

I turned to Violet's big sister Daisy for advice . . . didn't kids used to make fun of your name?



Yes, thank you for that. Why don't we just go back to one of our more typical dinner conversations.




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