Sunday, July 8, 2012

Good 101 Stop

The kids and I were hungry on the way down to Bindy's last week, so we decided to pull off 101 in Greenfield to see what we could find. I've never stopped there before. Greenfield made the news a few years ago for the dad who traded his 14 year old daughter for cash, beer, and meat then called the police when "payment" was not made. All parties involved were from the indigenous Mexican Trique community that has settled in Central California to work farms.

I also know Greenfield by the highway signs that boast meekly, "Restaurants, Automotive Services, and Parks." Really, Greenfield?

We weren't expecting to find a brand new beautiful market of happiness *Rancho San Miguel*.

This picture does not include all the tortilla options.

We passed the long, long meat counter on the way to the hot food area.

The first thing I saw was all day breakfast. WE LOVE ALL DAY BREAKFAST. Why do so many food venues not feature it? Daisy ordered the best breakfast burrito we've ever had for $3.95. I got the daily special - 98 cent tacos (meat of your choice with onions, cilantro and salsa). Very nice.

Violet was in her default rebellion mode and refused to order anything other than a jello cup she later couldn't eat because it wasn't good past the cool whip. However, she redeemed herself by discovering the $3.89 sandwich, chip and cookie combos. On the way back up from Bindy's, Daisy grabbed one. She didn't like the sandwich (the meat was way processed) and chips are chips . . . but the cookie was yum. Not too sweet and big enough to keep her full for the rest of the drive after her mother and sister took their fair share (I got more than Violet).


We took our food to go but it was tempting to eat in the shiny indoor seating area, especially because most of our food didn't make it to the car. We sat at an outside table so I could scarf down my tacos while Violet picked at her jello cup and Daisy pouted at a distance, refusing to eat. Can't remember what was wrong that time.

This is a miracle market. Do you see those prices?


Violet got a $1.98 piece of cake on our trip back home. Their birthday cakes were so pretty and cheap, I'll be looking for an excuse to pick one up.

The finale was the burrito I brought home for dinner. For about five dollars, we got a chicken burrito made to order big enough to feed all three of us, supposing the kids just went along with the program for once. We also got a medium container of salsa for about $3. Should have taken pics.

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  1. I shop at the Rancho San Miguel Market in Madera and love it because it has bright colors and rock bottom pricing for good food and groceries.