Thursday, June 21, 2012

Slice of Summer

On a recent morning, Daisy woke up with a sweet gravelly whisper, "I love sleep so much." I made the girls organic egg and nitrate-free sausage sandwiches, toasted with vegan butter - don't forget the velveeta layer to scare away the self-righteous food gods. I had time to drink coffee sitting down, and we watched cartoons in our pajamas. I love that sunny day school's-out feeling.
I'm slowly getting the apartment cleaned up after living like a hoarder for weeks. Balance schmalance. After a long day, Violet caught me in our bedroom, laying down for a quick minute with eyes closed, "Mom, there's this stuff I saw in a commercial that you wipe the dish, and guess what? It cweans it! Magic!"
I know, I know. I'm getting up. . . . you girls notice I'm making progress, right?
Daisy broke her concentration from playing just long enough to share her disapproval, "Very slow progress!"
Yeah, well maybe you could pick up the trash that you threw at your feet . . . in our living room. What kind of low quality behavior is that?

I really can't blame the girls though. Our little nest has been shredded for weeks.  I'm just getting it put back together.

And even better, thanks to my extended fam, the girls and I are doing some condo hunting. At the first few places we saw last weekend, Violet declared, "I want to move in! Right now! RIGHT NOW!"

I totally get what you're saying but that's not how life works. Now, KNOCK IT OFF!

We fell in love at our next stop. Violet glimpsed the sparkle of a pool on a hot day through the complex, and it was over, "MOM! I want to go swimming RIGHT NOW! Put me in a deep pool right now. I can swim in all of them, Mom. I can! I WANT YOU TO PUT ME IN A DEEP POOL. I'm gonna count to three. I mean it, Mom. RIGHT NOW!"

You have lost your mind. What pool am I going to put you in at this moment? And that's no way to talk to your mother. STOP PUNCHING YOUR SISTER. You have to learn to wait!
Violet is on fire. I don't want to hear how prescious and well behaved that child is from anyone in the outside world. She was rather proud of pushing her sister who subsequently lost hold of a large watermelon that exploded on the ground. Violet got a good laugh from our family friend, which, as she explained, made the timeout her dad gave her totally worth it. Violet likes an audience for her misbehavior.
Such as the other day in the frozen food aisle, when she made a dive at my chest from her perch on the grocery cart, declaring loudly,"I want to dwink you milk!" You. are. not. a. baby. Stop it! It's not OK. Violet dissolved into an unmanageable pile of laughter as our fellow frozen food enthusiasts gave us sideways glances. Next aisle.

Sometimes, I'm not sure who's mirroring who. The girls' dad wasn't home for dropoff before work this week; in the middle of a haircut, he suggested I bring the kids to where he was. I lost it - NO, I need to leave right now. I need to leave now. RIGHT NOW! You need to come NOW!
The RIGHT NOW approach is limited in its effectiveness but it can feel amazing for a few seconds.

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