Sunday, June 3, 2012


Daisy's eight-year-old self is throwing down new talent. Today at lunch, she quickly drew the view from our table on the back of her menu after the waitress set down the cup o' crayons. I have to give Daisy's public school credit for providing a quality arts program with little funding.

Thanks to Daisy's 3rd grade teacher, she carries around knitting needles and knits things. She has received good feedback for singing by herself in front of her class. Daisy asked her music teacher to help her tune up her guitar (not her ukelele). Then, she taught her sister Violet the songs she learned at school.

And with Daisy's new awareness, naturally, there's vulnerability. Today when Violet and I agreed on our lunch destination, Daisy was totally put out. She refused to get in the car. I talked her into the car as Violet ran back up to the apartment for a sweater. Daisy is being soooo moody lately; karma has arrived. While her sister was gone, I told Daisy she is at the age when her mother is going to start really annoying her.

Daisy FREAKED. She started sobbing, "Why didn't you tell me this YESTERDAY? I would have stayed at Dad's! Oh my god!" She opened the door and ran away crying.

Um, what just happened?

Violet returned to report that her big sis was sitting on the base of the stairs to our apartment. She offered to go get her. I decided it was probably worth a try, but she returned alone because Daisy refused to budge.

Violet trailed after me as I walked back and stuck my hand out to Daisy and held her hand as we walked back to the car, "What just happened?"

"I can't believe you're going to start ignoring me now."

NO, I didn't I was going to start IGNORING you; I said I was going to start ANNOYING you. Why would I ignore you? You're my daughter.

"Oh, that's what I thought."

It's getting real.

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