Sunday, May 6, 2012

Six of May

Time took off on me last month as did Organization and ATM card (twice). I was out of town last week on Violet's sixth birthday. You should have seen the pile of guilt offerings I left for Violet to discover on her birthday with her dad and sister. I totally got Fijit Friends.

The night before I left, the girls and I went to our favorite around the corner restaurant for Violet's birthday warmup.

Seated next to us at the restaurant was a woman who seemed to have recently arrived at the local greyhound station in search of her mind (don't stop here, lady, keep going). She took breaks from her hand gestures and warm conversations with plants to share how beautiful everything was again and again and again. Whatever the kids and I were talking about, she turned around to say, "I did the same thing!" with a kind and empty smile. I hope not.

The woman looked to be intently focused on a pencil drawing of her plant friends. When I got up to chase my children back to our table, I had to look at what she was drawing. It was a man's face.

There seem to be an increasing number of wanderers in my town who are in the process of losing their minds. They wander, and they're lost.Seeing others so down on their luck reminds me to appreciate what I have. I would prefer to not miss birthdays, but I did so for a good opportunity (don't stop here, keep going). Besides, the real party was today.

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