Sunday, May 20, 2012

Amy's Circus

If I don't do this soon, Bindy's going to drive me to insanity with her inquiries. (Enough already!)

Last month, it was business as usual when I realized I was about to make a terrible mistake . . . I was going to miss Amy's 40th Birthday Circus. Sure, it was a bad time, and Bindy wasn't even going. But hello!? It would be crazy NOT to go. (Bindy, grab your kids! Make sure Best Friend Kid comes too . . . Violet is OBSESSED with Best Friend Kid. . . this can only support the cause of our roadtrip mission . . . )
I had believed Amy's husband, Pants, when he announced the pasty contest. I explained what a pasty contest is to my daughters because I didn't want them to panic if they saw their college-friends-for-life aunties running around with bandaids on their lady parts. So funny when people put jokes on party invitations. Really, it's a relief to get the pasty contest talk out of the way when the kids are still so impressionable.
Amy's circus had EVERYTHING. Bouncing, facepainting, henna tattoos, clowns, caricature drawing, swimming, ping pong, places for mothers to hide from their children, taco truck, roboband, career counseling . . . Daisy is now looking forward to a career in henna tattoo artistry; Violet settled on facepainting.
Bindy and I had our hands full, especially Bindy, because she always takes over the kids (best traveling companion ever). It was a blast, and I was totally spaced out. I left Bindy's car door wide open in the hotel parking lot. I left my phone on the ground in front of the hotel, I left my credit card in a restaurant. The kids formed a tribe advocating for unnecessary wardrobe changes and bringing the drama with them. After a long drive and a not short check-in, the kids told us they were going to "look" at the hotel pool. It's hard to explain what it feels like to find a bunch of kids in the pool when attempting to exit the premises. The kids thought they were sly, "What? We meant we wanted to look at the BOTTOM of the pool."
After the party, on the way back to the hotel, Bindy took a wrong turn (my bad) and drove for miles, unnecessarily, on dark, windy, stressful country roads. Bindy's daughter eventually coordinated with Pants on the cell to guide us back to civilization. Bindy was pretty stressed as she drove and drove and drove. I helped by entertaining the kids with relaxing stories like . . . did I ever tell you kids about my nipple ring? Had it until Daisy was born . . . your mother had an earth tattoo . . . blah, blah blah. Pan to Bin hunched over the steering wheel, whimpering, Yes, whimpering.
After we got the kids settled in back at the hotel, Bindy and I snuck out to the jacuzzi.We sat and talked with our feet in the water. About ten minutes in, Bindy started to like me again. Highlight of the trip. The part without the children.
We love you, Amy!

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