Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bindy, I'm Not a Giver Upper

So Bindy's response to my last post wasn't the most encouraging.

Hey, just read your post.  At least the videos I forward are light-hearted (except for the accident, sorry about that.)  I’m against moms, and I’m against peace, so I’m not your woman.  But yes, Diablo power plant is in SLO, and it is a lovely facility.  You can tour it next time you visit.

On a different note:
My dad will be here on the 4th of July, but I really still want people to come down!  I (censored), and he was ok with that.  So…………..


That's OK, Bindy. I NEVER give up on the first try. Unless it's sports.


How can you be against moms and peace? can't you go to just one event??? puh-leeeze?

how are you by the way. long time, no talk. let's talk soon. don't have my phone today...


See? I'm going to TALK to her about getting involved with Mothers for Peace. She loves it when I call her. Because, it never happens. And as soon as I replace my phone, I'm going to be calling her all over the place. I might even agree to spend the 4th of July with her AND her father.

About the phone.

I knew I had it in my hand when I got Daisy and Violet to the car this morning. I thought I must have left it at home when I was at work. But, it was nowhere to be found tonight, so I used the phone locator and it was found at the side of the road about a mile away from my apartment. It apparently flew off the roof of my car this morning on the way to drop off the kids with their dad.

This is where it gets weird, Bindy. My broken phone was IN FRONT of the Quaker Church. Where those meetings are held. The ones I said I'd go to when you get busy with the Mothers for Peace. Just keep it in the back of your mind.

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