Sunday, February 5, 2012

Puppy Bowl VIII

The girls and I invited neighbors Violet once called Our Other Best Friends From Level 8 over for the big game - Puppy Boooowl! There was a lot of hype before our impromptu party. We didn't even know Level 8 was up on the Puppy Bowl lineups.

Violet loves Level 8 and her son, but she was hoping for a bigger turnout. After Violet posted directions on our door for everyone else in the complex to join, Daisy worried that random people might walk into the apartment. Level 8 and I explained that strangely, Puppy Bowl was not a big draw. And besides, the directions were a little vague.

During the game, there was a lot of Oooh! That's my favorite puppy! . . . leading to more posters.

Truth is Puppy Bowl is boring. Just like last year, I was shocked by how boring something can be with honest-to-god puppies. As Level 8 admitted post hype, there's no plot. Exactly, which is why our party involved people not watching Puppy Bowl, though Daisy and Sadie hung in pretty well.

Neither Level 8 nor I knew who was playing in the actual Super Bowl. I really should have known at least one of the teams - but where do people keep their football information? I have not found a good place for it yet.

What do you think about Fumble - he's FunBole in our home - scoring the first two touchdowns of Puppy Bowl for 2012 MVP? I know there's a lot of talk around Aberdeen's four touchdowns in the third quarter, but can you really say that Aberdeen played with as much heart?

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  1. Oh no! Just realized I posted the Puppy Bowl VI lineup - not the Puppy Bowl VIII! I hate it when I screw up important stuff like that.