Saturday, February 18, 2012

Grammys for Family Healing

The night of the Grammys, I made a point of sitting down with my kids in front of the TV. This is the type of show we can bond over now - the more sparkly glam, the better. I'm going to enjoy our mainstream music stage as long as it lasts. And when it's over in a few years, I'll be like: I always knew we were listening to sellouts! What are we listening to now, girls? And they'll be like: Mom, you're so cool! Not.

Anyway, maybe Daisy's already starting to question mainstream music. She certainly did not think much of Maroon 5's performance, exclaiming, "These guys are nerds!" She caught herself for a moment, "But there's beauty in everyone, right Mom?" before concluding, "Still, they're terrible." I have to say she has a point. I used to listen to their music until I watched a live performance.

When Rihanna came on, Violet was pumped, "I love this song - We all live in a homeless space!" Daisy and I couldn't stop giggling for a while, even though I was kind of looking around the apartment, wondering if it felt kind of homeless in here.

My girls love love Katie Perry, and my mother even bought her album because they do a group dance routine to Firework, I kid you not. Then my mother listened to the rest of the album and discovered how not appropriate Katie's songs are for kids. For example, I would rather not be asked about what a menage-a-trois is by my children, and that on a song with endless radio play. Still, I couldn't resist using Katie as a role model of some kind . . . Girls, Katie Perry is just getting divorced too! Violet, suitably impressed, replied, "Wow. She's divorced and we are too!"

Adele's another favorite, and as she was belting out, "We could have had it all!" or something similar that sounds exactly the same, Violet wanted to know what she was singing about. Never one to pay attention to celebrity gossip, I explained, "Well, she liked this one guy, and he married someone else. So she was sad. But now, she's not really sad anymore. She likes some other guy. Violet's head popped off my lap to block my view of the TV, "What about us? Is there going to be a new one?"

A new what?

"A stepdad!" Both girls stared back at me, tense and upright.

No, I'm not ready for a stepdad.

"Me neither!" they chimed in unison, relaxing back into my lap.

Later, during the Whitney tribute, Daisy wanted to know how she died.

I don't know, but it's really sad. (Tears - I can't help it.)

"It's OK, Mom . . . but she should have putted her hair different."

I'll tell you about the 80s another time.

"Nevermind. It shows what it's about. The girl's sick. It's fake."

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