Sunday, January 1, 2012

Joke Box

Daisy's really into making little gift boxes out of greeting cards. Today, she was going through my reserve collection of birthday cards and pulled out a card with a photo on the front of a very dexterous senior citizen with her leg up a pole. I was hoping Daisy wouldn't open the card to the greeting, which said something about still being able to get it up, and I quickly thought up a rated-G explanation just in case. But that's not what Daisy was looking at.

"Mom, should I just throw this away?"
No, why? I like it!
"You like this? An ugly old lady with her leg up a pole? Mom!"
I don't think that's ugly. Some day you'll be an old woman too. There are different types of beauty, you know.

"Tell me what's beautiful about this picture."
Look at her leg. She looks determined. There's a certain beauty in that.
"Mom, look at her face. Are you telling me that's beautiful? Really, Mom?"

I'm glad I got a chance to introduce Daisy to the deeper meaning of beauty.
Later, I received a gift:

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