Sunday, December 25, 2011

Not So Bad

On Xmas eve, I was up til 3 prepping for what I hoped would be a stellar morning for the kids. I invited their father to join us for presents and breakfast. I made their favorite thing: breakfast sandwich. They prefer to grab those at Burger King, a block away from the apartment, but they usually don't mind my healthy version, with nitrate-free bacon, organic eggs, vegan butter, and whole-grain, organic English muffin. l mean, what's more festive than that? I even added a side of organic fruit. Isn't that what being a good mother is all about?

The kids were iffy on the breakfast and sort of picked at it. Their behavior was on the obnoxious and mean side throughout the morning festivities. When the rest of us were outside, Daisy locked herself in the apartment with the chain so I could only open the door wide enough to yell inside. She was angry because I gave her and her sister bikes, and There Will Be No More Training Wheels. Violet doesn't care because, at five, she's been riding without training wheels for months, which really annoys her eight-year-old sister. The thing is - Daisy can totally do it too but she's psyching herself out, which is exactly like me, which is why I can't let it go.

Anyway, there was way more drama than I was anticipating in the first half of the day. By the time we got to my folks' house, I was tired and not a huge fan of children. I didn't lose the edgy feeling until I took the dogs for a walk . . . lovely.

Then, out of nowhere, my mother offered up the nap option. I didn't even make it to the guest room. I went straight to my parents' bed - it was closer - and Violet crawled in and cuddled next to me sweetly. When we woke, it was dark. And strangely, my parents had snuck off to a party with their dog park people. I left the kids with their uncle and aunt and took the dogs out again, enjoying the pretty lights.


Later, Daisy and I played Scrabble, and it was a treat to do something just with her. She talked about why having her parents together made her nervous. I guess kids aren't so bad. On the way home, toward the end of the drive, there was a little Christmas music.

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