Monday, December 5, 2011


It was my day off today but I took care of business. Let's just say there was sickness, flu vaccines, prescriptions, a grocery run, laundry, work from home, cleaning, homework resistance, holiday decorations found in perilous circumstances, a tornado of kid decorating, and an organic chicken in a pot with vegetables. After a solid day, it's always rewarding to see this.
Sometimes, I get discouraged by how hard I try to deal with good intention but only make more of a mess of things. But only sometimes. The rest of the time, I take my encouragement wherever I can find it.

Yesterday, we ran to Home Depot to get something boring, and the kids' eyes lit up when we passed the holiday displays at the front of the store. I saw an opportunity to make up for my weak parenting performance since arriving at their dad's house exhausted and sick that morning. I had eaten my post birthday breakfast with them before crashing in Daisy's bed for a good part of the afternoon. Meanwhile, their father was downstairs putting up holiday decorations, playing Christmas music, trimming his tree. The kids were pumped for holiday cheer when we returned to the apartment.

A bribe was clearly in order. I offered to get one Christmas item per child in the most boring store ever for a kid. See? I've got plen-ty of holiday fun. Now, look carefully . . . consider your options! Just one! The kids finally settled on a pouncing musical holiday puppy and a rocking musical holiday puppy, purchases I would clearly regret later. That's what I was thinking anyway when we were standing at the register, as well as how much I might allow for bribes in my imaginary budget that might soon become real. The lady exclaimed, "$71.71! With numbers like that, you girls should buy a lottery ticket. Those are great numbers!"

Really? Because I welcome positive feedback of any kind.

A little later, we were on a brisk walk through the aisles of a grocery store. Violet insisted on draping herself sideways across the kidseat in the front of the cart, her head dangling off one end and her legs hanging off the other - knocking off boxes and bags from displays on both ends - while Daisy made firm demands that she sit correctly. I focused on grabbing what we needed before all hell broke loose and the cart would have to be abandoned. Violet was upset because I'm cutting way back on her apple juice consumption in light of the poison in our environment that is ruining everything. It was a typical shopping trip with little kids, everyone pissed by the time we were waiting to pay. Again, the cashier came through with the enthusiasm, exclaiming, "Wow! $65 exactly! You never get an exact number like that. Good job, girls!"

Sweet.There really is no stopping us.

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