Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Battle

I don't know how to describe the battle of wills that is occurring between this person and me.


Daisy, her sister, is no slouch when it comes to battles or wills. 


Yet, currently, Violet is the reigning Drama Queen. When we are together, her war cry is Not Dis One!

Getting dressed in the morning is a major ordeal. The shirt is too big; the pants are too small. Violet can tell just by looking at them. Left to her own devices, she can sit for more than 20 minutes in her underwear, staring at the offending clothes that actually fit her and refusing to break her pissed-off stare to consider other options. They're all wrong. AAALLLL OF DEM! And, by the way, does anyone EVEN care that she's COLD?! I have threatened to drop her off at school as is, given her timeouts, taken away things, wrestled her into clothes, spanked her even though I don't believe in it. Her inability to carry the lesson from one day to the next is a thing of wonder.

Yesterday, Violet begged to ride her scooter to the park and then spent the entire time freaking out that she was not in front of the rest of the kids who were walking. Meanwhile, we were getting farther and farther behind as she sprawled herself out on the sidewalk, until we couldn't even see our group because they were so far ahead, but what Violet focused on was making repeated refusals to ride her scooter because she was not in front of everyone else because, as she insisted, she might "hute" the other kids if she ran into them. They were blocks away by then and she couldn't let it go. Our days are a thousand conflicts.

I crave peace and look for it everywhere. If something strikes me the right way, I'm hooked, lost in deep space . . . just look at the peace in this one.

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