Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Yes, 8

I joined Daisy's 3rd grade class for a field trip to the farm for her birthday. I've never been around such a well-informed group of little treehuggers. Don't try to explain what organic means or how to make compost; they know. Mention edible flowers, and they'll run to wild mustard, drop on all fours, and munch down like Bambi. At the end of our farm visit, when we were grinding the corn for our tortillas to eat with the salsa as it was being sliced, one of the kids mentioned that she used to make tortillas for a job when she lived in Mexico. Wait, you know how to cook AND you have work experience? Her teacher was doubtful, but I'm thinking that kid could pull it.

Third graders are as innocent as they are wise. They make their spot on commentary with their big teeth and hyperactive giggles. When it comes to things like field trips and birthdays, they're like dogs riding shotgun with their heads out the window. And when the teacher requested today that someone explain to the new kid, "how you go to the bathroom," there was not a smirk or inappropriate response to be found among the 20 of them. She was actually talking about the process of getting excused from the classroom, but if you said something like that to a room full of teenagers, it would not go well.

Daisy's birthday celebration ended with a reorganized family dinner at a favorite restaurant. The kids seem to be adjusting to these types of gatherings. The only real challenge was when Violet discovered the restaurant had shown Edward Scissorhands recently. She was very, very disappointed and had us ask the waiter about 500 questions along the lines of "When will Edward Scissorhands be shown again at this venue?"

Daisy was her lovely self all day, although a bit obsessed with the birthday. Like most third graders, she knew how everything should go and was a little jumpy about the flow of events, from before alarm to end of day. Exhausted. Will recuperate at work tomorrow.

apple harvest

rainbow chard

apple juice

bee hive

chicken love

drum circle




good times

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