Monday, October 31, 2011

Ghouls and Masks

Violet was in the kindergarten Halloween parade this morning. She's been wanting to be in one of these things after watching her sister from the sidelines for years. Look how happy she is. Not at all. The kid is deeply invested in complaining to her mama.

This is Daisy before her parade. Whenever I approach her at school events lately, I'm always doing the wrong thing. She was scolding me here about standing in front of her class. The rule is you have to sit at the parade sidelines. Daisy loves rules when I'm not making them.

My mind is full and today's distracted moments ran deep. Then I got my bearings. I was having dinner at my ex's with our kids and and a neighbor from the apartments, getting ready to go trick-or-treating with friends. Everything seemed so normal and drama-free in a way that probably hasn't ever happened for us on a Halloween before the reorganization. Amazing.

We always trick-or-treat in the same neighborhood where an assortment of friends live. I swear I saw the same starry pumpkin at the same house last year and couldn't bring myself to take a picture. Everything just seemed so freaking difficult. In Daisy's words, it was even worser than I thought.

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