Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Thoughtfulness of Friends

Yesterday was one of those days when everything around me seemed to be crying for attention. It was my car's turn on the way to pick up the kids last night. How in the world did my brake pads get to 0%? And did you know that the daily rate for a car rental in the Bay Area starts at $150 this week? As usual, I appealed to my parents for help. My father drove me home - about 45 minutes one way - but not before my mother told me that when she's in her nineties, she'll run in the other direction when she sees me coming. I don't think she'll be running very fast then, so I'm not too worried.

And both my girls had another breakdown last night. This is exactly why I signed them up for boxing classes recently. We never joined the French gym for various reasons, and I was thinking punching bags were the antidote to our daily drama. The kids love the boxing, and it's so empowering. However, to release the intense emotions bubbling under the surface, we apparently must fully experience them first.

After getting schooled by my responsibilities and burning out the extended family, I was reassured to know that at least I always have my core friends who know just what to say when I need it most. I have no idea what I have done to deserve their thoughtfulness.

Exhibit A: Last night's email from my dear friend, Amy.

Ho Slutbag -

I just got around to reading your July 14th blog and I have to say, that your wedding was about me, no? And you forgot to mention my insulting toast.. for that, I am insulted. and for the record, if I weren't married, your grandmothers would find themselves (censored). That's right. (Censored.) That's what I (censored).

And for the record #2, I have changed.. it's not all about me. It's about my clean pool and me, and maybe Yack as a distant second... oh, and Pants too because he cleans the pool.

You missed out this weekend. So there.

I don't know what the namecalling is about, because I can promise you I'm chaste, especially when compared to that Amy and her filthy mouth. I don't really know how I ever became so tight with that sick puppy. All I can say is she better stay away from my grandmothers.

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