Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Independence Day

I spent the Fourth with three women and five girls. When did kids start outnumbering adults anyway? And as one short-lived guest wondered, "What happened to all the men from last year?" Um, I dunno.

But the most pressing issue was: what were we going to do with those kids?

There we go.


Miserably hot sliding.


Exercise Class.

Miserably hot gymnastics.

Endless bubbles.

Get them pumped.

Watch them crumble.

Before the weekend was over, I ventured where few women dare and learned an amazing tip I call: How to shop at Sephora with four kids. Introduce the children to the samples then stay at least two aisles away for the rest of the visit. No one will know the kids are with you. Don't forget to alert the sales staff to the children who probably need a quick lesson on safe make-up sampling, adding a disapproving comment like "What kind of parent lets their kids roam around Sephora unattended?" Trust me, you will find what you're looking for, and the kids will get the best makeover of their little lives.

When you think of it, those kids are lucky to have two of the coolest mothers out there. They had to be joking when they said we really embarrassed them. I mean, have you seen Bindy lately? I'm just saying.

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