Friday, July 1, 2011

In Search of Unicorns

I really have nothing much to say, other than I feel a compulsive need to update the blog. Don't get me wrong, I could give you an earful. But no one wants to hear it, and it's way too long of a story that could be summed up with: I'm crabby and tired. I thought about visiting a retirement home today to find a disgusted bunch of seniors sitting in front of the news, talking about the terrible state of things and how everything is going downhill. The timeless predictability of a conversation like that might have actually cheered me up.

It's not like me to feel pessimistic. Maybe my bad attitude began when I read this to wake up in my accidentally coffee-free apartment this morning. I almost feel guilty about making anyone else read it. The stuff about Japan brought cold fear to my heart and inspired a frantic search for current radiation levels in California. Before I was a parent, I probably would have shrugged it off with soothing denial masked by a fatalistic attitude but being responsible for little people sounds the alarm for adrenaline-powered protective mode.

The good news is tomorrow I'm taking the kids down to Bindy's for a few days - it's all I need for an attitude adjustment. What usually happens is Bindy's older daughter and best friend become the activity directors for the younger kids. Bindy oversees discipline, scheduling and meals. And I will lay around in the pagoda with the view of the marina, reading mags and enjoying refreshments with our friends. The weekend will end with my customary apology for not doing anything, except this year I will bring laundry, so I'll have to say sorry about that too.

Anyway, I'm sure by the end of the weekend, I'll be back to writing about unicorns and rainbows.


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