Sunday, July 10, 2011


The kids fly to Hawaii with their dad and his family in the morning and won’t be back until next Sunday. This will be the longest time apart yet, and for weeks now, I have dealt with my anxiety by responding to any communication from my ex with an emphatic safety lecture. What could be more important than proper sunblock application and water safety guidelines?

I stopped by the house last night to have a little reorganized family time and say goodbye to the kids. It didn’t go so well. The intentions were good, but we haven't made it out of the adjustment phase. A do-over was clearly in order. Tonight, we met at a restaurant. Much better. And bonus, I remembered to bring them spray sunblock, which makes it so much easier to cover the scalp and behind the ears.

I am going to miss those girls so much. But not yet. Because tomorrow will be an exotic day off work without kids. What in the world am I going to do? I’m so thrilled by the lack of responsibility that I’ll probably have the most boring day ever by anyone else’s standards, which I’ll conclude with a long and meandering post about every empty minute. I know, the anticipation.

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