Wednesday, June 8, 2011

No Slacking on the Master Plan

We cut girl scouts. It was a tough call, but my ex and I were rarely available to participate, and there was a social dynamic that seemed to inhibit Daisy’s confidence from blooming. She was surprisingly OK with the decision. She mostly joined girl scouts because BFF did. We need to find her own thing for the bloom.

Daisy asked about yoga classes, and Violet, gymnastics. I wanted to find something better than the sometimes limp parks and rec offerings. I did my research. After reading about a yoga class for kids and adults designed to push past spiritual limits in a circus-like atmosphere, I googled “gyms.” We just want some exercise.

So, we toured a gym yesterday. I know, I hate gyms. And this one’s got a French theme - not really a selling point, especially in a gym. I imagined shakily lifting weights while skinny trainers with teased hair and sexy pouts mocked me in a smoke-filled room. It wasn’t like that at all.

For about the price of the typical weekly class for one kid, both kids can take as many fitness, gymnastics, dance, and climbing classes as we have time for, and I can work out AT THE SAME TIME. It’s a takes-all-kinds atmosphere with no veiny Arnold types in sight. I had no idea the French ran such friendly gyms.

When I stumbled upon the idea, I was only thinking about Daisy . . . hmm, where do you go when you want to get stronger? Wait, let me think . . . by the way, I could really use some exercise. I’ve been eating enough quinoa and organic veggies to make a hippie blush from high-five exertion but failing in exercise. So, I think we're going to brave the risk of exposure to the next pandemic with a sparkly new gym membership. In the time of radiation falling out of the sky, it seems like a reasonably safe bet. No locker room showers though.

And I realize the idea of a master plan that is mine to control is a myth. All I can do is assess and improve and accept. I had a talk with my mother tonight, and she made some observations. I’m trying to do something about too many things I can’t do anything about. Let it go - let it happen.


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