Monday, June 6, 2011

Master Plan

Not long ago, I opened my eyes to a tired morning and a bank notice that my account was overdrawn by hundreds. WHAT THE HELL! Either my math skills have taken a hit, or I’ve been robbed. Then I found the check still folded neatly in my purse. I’m at the conveyor belt grabbing at the flow of responsibilities, but I’m missing things. I’m getting owned by the flow.

I believe in a magical schedule that will allow me to meet family, financial, health and social needs, sparkly with clever shortcuts. Buying Daisy hot lunch toward the end of the school year was brilliant when you take into account the fewer shopping trips, the food that didn’t perish, and the individually wrapped not-food I didn’t buy. Fresh, local, organic, hormone-free, antibiotic-free, whole-grain, time-saving cafeteria lunch is amazing.

I once knew a teacher who annoyed me when he insisted on telling students to work smarter, not harder. The particular crowd he was addressing really did need to work harder. And so do I, when I’m being paid. Otherwise, I need to work smarter. Laundry service? That’s worth a cost-benefit analysis.

While I go back to dreaming up the master plan, please enjoy Violet’s Sunday photos.

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