Sunday, May 8, 2011

With Love to All the Mamas

This has been such a clunky day. I woke up refreshed, looking forward to getting the kids back from their dad and having the grandparents over for Mother’s Day.

The kids didn’t show up at the appointed time. I’ll spare you the details, but by the time I saw them, my name was Basketcase and I couldn’t quite hold back the tears as they handed over gifts.

The kids were their very sweetest. Violet flowed the flowers and drawings. Daisy reassured me that everything was fine. She vacuumed. Violet made herself a ham sandwich. Now that’s what I’m talking about. Then, they realized . . . wait a second . . . what are we thinking? It’s transition day!

The grandparents arrived to our dog Sadie running for safety from the moshpit of kids in our living room. NK, our favorite neighbor, joined as we skyped with my bro and Mathilda in Germany. He centered himself squarely in front of the camera and shared his latest. NK does enjoy his camera opps.

At the end of lunch at the harbor, which was like eating with the founding members of the Club for Hyperactive Cavegirls, Grandpa mercifully took the kids ahead to the beach while Grandma and I finished up. A bird joined to grab Violet's leftovers she had chewed up and spit back out onto her plate.

On the beach, there was a mini sandstorm that made our ears sting. Maybe I’m just saying that last part because I don’t want you to think Grandma is going totally senile with Violet's blanket tied to her head.

Chaos is with me these days . . . how about you? People, issues, and options are coming and going. Standing my ground to see what's left.


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