Tuesday, May 24, 2011


The best part of living in the apartment is the social life my kids can call their own. They have to introduce themselves to new kids. They have to knock on each other's doors and figure out what they're going to do. They run around screaming and swearing in a kid style. They ransack kitchens and role play. They sit in the trees, fighting about who bosses the game.

They aren't really unsupervised. With my door and windows open, I can see and hear them. I get a peek into their personalities outside the family. At least this week, Violet is a daring jokester and Daisy is a nurturing rule-enforcer. With the volume of sound those kids produce, you can't miss much.

I've argued about this with Bionic Woman. She's a landlord and has had to deal with tenants like me, who let their kids roam around common areas, disturbing other tenants and creating wear and tear. For the people who have chosen not to reproduce and feel they should never be inconvenienced by children - remember, someone's got to take over when we're done here. My campaign is that kids need a bit of wildness to explore like plants need daylight. It is how they learn the confidence and creativity to enter the world on their own, when they outgrow the need for their mama's boundaries.

Pictures by Violet

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