Monday, May 30, 2011

Remember This

Bindy and I haven't thrown our kids together in almost a year. What-a-year. This Memorial Day I remembered last Memorial Day, which was also a visit to Sanity Island with my host Ms. Bindy, a control freak with a schedule fetish who intimidates my children. Perfect.

It was an active crowd and the kindness flowed. Except when Bindy's five-year-old gave my five-year-old a shiner (your kid might have taken streetfighting this time, Bindy, but who's ahead in overnight potty management?). Oh and then there was that moment when my dog Sadie gave Bindy's older daughter a little nip for old time's sake. My dog used to always nip at Bindy's relatives, and I get how they seem risky, but I don't want anything to upset the kid I call The Goddess of My Children. She brings peace to my home. She makes up fairy games and mediates between the sisters. We should be showering her with gifts, not herding her into submission.

By the way, I wonder why Quinn and Tabitha didn't join the six of us plus dog in my one-bedroom pad. Tabitha said her dog was sick and Quinn didn't return my call - to each her own.

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