Monday, May 16, 2011

The Disappearance of NK

We heard this morning that NK, our much loved neighbor kid, moved without notice. I saw NK on Friday. He knocked on the door to announce he had finally gotten a REAL electric guitar . . . from Toys R Us . . . where are the girls? I told him I wasn’t sure when they were going to be dropped off. He made me promise to send them over. The girls got back too late to knock on his door, and that was the last we saw of him. The word among the kids in the courtyard was that he had to move far, far away.

Violet took it the hardest. She sobbed uncontrollably, “I miss NNNNKKKKKKK!” I reassured her, I have his mom’s phone number. We'll find out what's going on. Maybe he didn't move far. She was inconsolable.

My original dinner plan was to cook something from Vegan with a Vengeance. I have poured over that cookbook from cover to cover, folding corners and making shopping lists. Instead, I ate rindsrouladen - roast beef rolled around pickles, bacon, and onion in a mustard gravy.

It was unplanned German food. During errands that took us by the mountains, the kids were fighting about dinner. My recipe for millet-stuffed squash wasn't doing me any favors.

I told the girls we'd just go on a mountain drive to relax and be with the trees and find something to eat. I promised we wouldn't stop unless we all agreed. When we first drove up to the German restaurant, Violet was pissed, “I hate . . . German!” However, she had no credibility after expressing her hatred of Chinese, Italian, Mexican, and Cowboy Diner. Trust me, you love German.

We were alone on the restaurant patio. Violet was in full combat mode to prevent dinner from happening until she discovered the play corner. She ordered noodles and ham before running off.

Daisy stayed with me until she spotted the instruments nailed to a tree in the dining area. She left, declaring, “I wish I could play those until my heart contends.”

Hello, relaxing dining experience with children.

Violet was unethused about her noodles, but the kids ate half my plate. They are gettting more useful as they get older.

Then it was straight back home to see if there was any sign of NK. We arrived to the complex with the girls leaning forward in their seats, anxious to see if his mom’s car occupied her spot next to ours. Nope. Low point.

I was collecting the girls from the neighbors when it was getting close to bedtime, and who do I run into but NK's mom. She seemed confused when I asked her if she was leaving, "No, I'm taking out the trash." All the kids came out. NK was psyched to talk about his real - already broken-  electric guitar. He tried to convince my smiling girls to run to his apartment to check it out. The girls have actually been getting a little tired of his AC/DC-ness, but I'm thinking NK can pull off a pretty long performance here tomorrow after kindergarten.

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