Monday, May 2, 2011

Bye, Four

This is the first year Daisy hasn’t sulked about her sister’s birthday. Not only that, she is being legitimately kind with her today, the second day of festivities and Violet’s actual birthday (happy birthday to Daredevil as well). I complimented Daisy on her generous attitude. Her response was, “Well, it’s just a birthday. It’s not like the earth is rewarding her. Right Mom?” True.

And if the earth were to offer a reward, it probably wouldn’t be to someone so easily annoyed by her surroundings. Violet expresses her unhappiness like neon. She can put on a pleasant face if needed but only in my absence. And the complaints will be filed upon my return.

That doesn’t mean she isn’t my biggest fan. The kid is constantly professing her mama love with a flurry of flowers, kisses, and pictures. She kept one eyeball on me at all times yesterday at Great America. I wasn’t allowed to leave her side to go on any big kid rides – just the ones I could barely fit into with my knees folded up to my chin. If I couldn’t fit into the ride, she blew kisses as she glided past my spot on the sidelines.

It’s the age. Until kids are about five, they think their parents are superheroes. We’re the funniest, strongest, most creative, most brilliant people they’ve ever met. But by age six, they calm it down. They start to realize magic isn’t real and no longer bolt for their parents at first glance. I’m going to miss four.


  1. Noooo. Hands covering my ears. La la la la la la. I can't hear you. She will always think I am super fantastic and "the sweetest mommy ever."
    Least favorite post ever.

  2. You're funny.

    I was still nursing my first daughter when I got this reality check from a friend. What do you mean she's not going to run to me at 15? I almost started crying. Man, those hormones are strong.