Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bryan Stow

My loyal Dodger fan of a father is the owner of an orange and black Bryan Stow bracelet. He gestured to it yesterday when I asked him about the Giants fan who was jumped and severely injured in LA. My parents were explaining that Bryan Stow is a paramedic affiliated with the hospital that employs my mother. When I looked him up online, I realized he lived in Santa Cruz, where everyone knows everyone else by a couple degrees of separation.

It’s bad news all around. The lost souls misplacing their rage on a man just out for a ballgame. The worst of the public rhetoric revealing the warts of elitism and racism still infecting our country. The Duck the Fodgers t-shirts elevating to more social cause than obnoxious fanhood. Everyone knows a sports rivalry is only good if basic rules of human decency are followed, but in this case, the exception threatens the rule.

Doesn't it seem wrong that someone who saves lives for a living must rely on fundraising for life-saving medical care or face bankruptcy? If you’re willing, send a prayer to Bryan Stow and his family. And while you’re at it, you might as well pray for the rest of us. In these times of increasing economic and environmental stress, there will be haters among us.

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