Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mathilda's Pics

We said goodbye to my brother and Mathilda this morning. They're heading back to Germany tomorrow. And just in time too. Those two ragers wore me out. Here are some of Mathilda's pics from the trip, which is why she does not appear in them.


  1. Great pics! I thought they were supposed to stop by here!
    Can't wait to read through your blog, Azure.

  2. Thanks, Ms. Superpragmatic (we stick to code names only around here). I wanted to tell you that I recently found a stack of long letters you wrote me when I was in my first year away at college. It brought back some memories.

    Looking forward to reading your blog as well. Your pics are lovely.

  3. I didn't realize the code names till i started digging in, sorry. Feel free to delete my comment. Oh boy, I'm embarrassed to know what is in those letters. Aw well, I was young.
    Thanks for the compliment.