Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Our friend Neighbor Kid is looking to define his role within our family. When he reunited with the girls on Sunday, he maintained that he had been hoping the girls had been missing him. They were solemn when they agreed they had been. Today, NK invited himself when Violet and I were on our way to pick up Daisy from school. He was so excited to ride along, “I canNOT believe it! I’ve waited for this a whole school year.” We’ve known you for about a month. “Exactly.”

When we got to school, I pulled up to the line of cars looping through the pickup area. Something caught my eye in the back. It was NK, seatbelt free, standing with his head out the window, “Daisy! Over here! Do you see me? I’m in your car!” NK-get-back-in-your-seat-right-now! “Oh sorry.” The kid can use an apology to his advantage. Unlike my kids, who straight up deny my direction, going into immediate confrontation, NK apologizes and agrees . . . until I realize HE STILL DOESN’T HAVE HIS SEATBELT ON. NK! “Sorry. Sorry. Tell her I snuck in the car and you didn't even know. What's up with this line . . . we can see her, and she can't get to us? Does she know I'm here? Did she say something about me? This is so cool!” Way to bring the enthusiasm, Kid.

On the way back from school, the boy had a breakthrough, “Hey girls! I have an idea. I could be the brother!” Daisy and Violet were silent, unimpressed. I think they had other plans for him. NK addressed me, “Because you don’t have a brother . . . and you could really use one . . . and I could be him.” My girls remained silent. Two minutes later, NK sounded happy with the way things were progressing, “I really like being the brother of this family.”

Later, I asked the girls what they thought of NK trying to be the brother. Violet fielded the question, “It’s a . . . you know what? . . if he’s da broder . . . it wealwy wouldn’t be a good idea. You know why? Broders live wid da famwy. He’d have da live with da famwy all da time . . . and den . . . “ Daisy interrupted, “Yeah, he’s the friend. He stays in his own house.” Fair enough.

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