Tuesday, March 1, 2011

And I Haven't Even Gotten to Work Yet

When I picked up the kids from their dad Sunday morning, I had to take them straight to Grandpa and Uncle because I had work. I hadn’t seen my girls in four days and was really missing them by the time I picked them up that night.

On our way back home, Violet had another I HAVE TO GO POTTY moment, and Daisy wanted McDonalds for dinner. After those two sly dogs double-teamed me, I found myself pulling over at a McDonalds to use the bathroom and pick up Happy Meals.

We got back on the road, about 40 minutes from home, and one of the kids made the announcement that she had gone diarrhea right there in the car. No one wanted their food anymore. Welcome back, Mama! This is why I’m a devout fan of those enzyme sprays that make the feces go away. Magical.

That was the beginning of two long nights of sleepless kids with flu, an ear infection, and asthma. Meaning less than four hours of sleep a night for me. I’m tired but was still feeling optimistic this morning as we left to get Violet to preschool. As I pulled out of the apartment complex onto the main road, I noticed a car barreling toward us from the left, then BAM! I ran straight into a Prius on the right. DANG!

Just got off the phone with insurance. The Prius lady wouldn’t let me off for the small dent in her bumper. No damage to my car but because I reported that the kids were in the car, I’m supposed to replace Violet's carseat - California law.

Even though I’m sick now too and insanely tired, I refuse to let a fender bender ruin my day, especially because of the new job. I really need to focus, Jedi-mind-trick style . . . I am not tired. I am not sick. I will be mentally sharp.

picture: http://www.flickr.com/photos/nickstone333/4956881202/sizes/l/in/photostream/


  1. Say wha? All that, and you lived to tell about it? We've had vomit in the car but never diarrhea....Hoping the job is a great one.

  2. See, these are the things that need to be included in those "What to expect while expecting" books.

  3. Those What to Expect While Expecting books are already scary enough. I seriously do not recommend that book to women who are pregnant. But I wish there was a way to give a little preview of these types of moments to people who don't use birth control.