Thursday, February 3, 2011

It's Hip on the Mothership

Have you seen my sparkly new profile picture? Well, look up. So excited! My middle bro and Mathilda sent a card to the kids recently featuring Mathilda’s drawings. When I saw the shooting star in the corner, I wanted it SO BAD.

Mathilda, the graphic artist, was nice enough to scan it and send it over. I wish I could draw things that people would get all excited about . . . please, Star Mama, draw me a unicorn! Actually, the kids still get pretty excited about my drawings, so I better take advantage before they pass me up in a few years.

When I replaced that totally lame profile picture with my new rad one, bubbles of happiness burst in my brain. Not really – that just sounded cool for a second – but I was psyched enough to make an unnecessary comment on someone’s blog just so I could see that puppy in action.

I feel the need to explain that my middle name is Star. I’m really not hippie or even New Agey. It’s just the name my parents gave me when they were still living the flower power dream. And my first name is even weirder. Thanks guys for changing your minds about being hippies AFTER you gave your daughter the permanent mark of groovy times. My mom does have a sliver of hippie left. A matter of injustice can bring out a good slogan or two, maybe an arm gesture.

Actually, you can still see a sliver in my dad too, like when he plays his congas, his bongos, his tambourine. He would never admit it though. He’s even asked if I wanted to apply for a legal name change. But no, I’m attached to having a name that is so often mispronounced and questioned as being generally suspect. I am also strangely drawn to all that is star-related . . . Van Gogh’s Starry Night, George Clinton’s Star Child, Little Twin Stars.

Mathilda's shooting star gives me that nostalgic hometown feeling because it reminds me of 70s starness. And guess what? She offered to draw more, so now she’s going to create a whole new blog title graphic WITH the star theme. More happy bubbles bursting in my brain (so maybe there’s a smidge of hippie in there somewhere but don’t tell anyone).

Thank you, Mathilda,

mi hermana en espíritu.

meine Schwester im Geiste.

min søster i ånden.

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