Monday, February 21, 2011

Face Time

A few family friends have emailed me about the blog, and I appreciate the positives. One said something like, “Your mother must be proud.” Um, I guess . . . yeah, she won’t read it. She did like the puppy post and printed that one out for the great-grandmas and her sister. But other than that, no interest really. She explains it this way: she’s living it; she doesn’t really need to read about it. I can see that.

But you’d think she'd be interested in reading my email. I sat with her one time when she logged into her account. She had three emails. One of them was from me, from two weeks prior, and it was the only one she hadn’t opened. What? Mom, you’re not really overwhelmed with email here. She told me she was planning to open it later.

And it’s not just her; my younger brother is the exact same. He’s never looked at the blog, which is fine, but he also rarely opens an email from me. He explained it this way: I see it’s from my sister, and I know it’s important, so I decide to look at it later. Later meaning never. Because it’s important.

I think what they’re trying to say is: they get their quota. I see them regularly, they take care of my children, they listen to whatever I’m babbling about in person . . . why extend that experience into the internet oasis?

Well, if you read the blog, you might notice that Dad, Middle Bro and Mathilda all get good face time in the posts. They read the blog AND respond to my email. I’m just saying.